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Hempstone R
We produce high quality didgeridoos and Jembe drums from hemp fibre.
In future we will concentrate also on other music instruments and drums as congas sabar, bougarabous and bass.
Hempstone is smashed dyed Hempfibre, bound only with water,
without any other synthetic aditionals. Read more about this amazing invention, founded by
three people in Austria. The Hempstone-Zelfo process is patented worldwide.

Because of overexplioting the natural wood recources in Afrika we will produce our excelent jembe drums from african wood only till our storage is used up.
Please have also a look in our gallery of instruments.

Around the Jembe and our didgeridoos we offer a lot of
information, arranged in different pages like quality of didges,
the jembe generally, tips to use it, and detailed description of cultural background.

A guideline about to find high quality jembes, about playing tecnique
and products around the instruments as bags, cream shea butter small acessoires,
drum and didg stands, books and musicbooks complete our assortment.

Broken skins or broken bodies of jembes dont scare us.
We repair every broken jembe and also other drums. Also we rebuild broken drum bodies.
Because we calculate european sallery levels for service you can save mony buing a high quality instrument. We need 14 to 21 days to renew a drum.
If needed, for this time you can rent an instrument from ou shop .

Hempstone, Hempdidges, Hemplings, Hempis, Hempli, Hempdidgeridoos.

Didgeridoos from Hempstone R are designed in many ways.
Impacts or inserted with stones, wood pieces, fruit stones, blades, stems or else.
The wet and soft material can be mixed with nontoxic colores and the surface can be shaped with tools like clay. We will realize some new methods this year.

We aspire a coproduction with physicists and mathematicians to realize special sound effects of our instruments.

Our didgeridoos are constructed by effort of sound. The european szene of top didg players
are very high interested on our didges.
They are the second (or third?) generation of hemp didges

If an instrument is realy broken or built unsuccessful it can be throwen on the garden dump.
and not in the ocean as plastic waist.

A webshop will be built up soon, in meantime you can choose your favorite product looking
the gallery and order by e-mail or fax. For order from foreign countries
outside of austria we request prepayment.

We have organised the web links to firiends and partners in different pages, sorted by subjects.

We organise events, workshops, and take part on exhibitions, markets and festivals

You will find also a german version of this page.
We deliver our products worldwide.


Traders and partners DrumParam is authorised trader of Schlagwerk-Percussion.
Read about Shea butter as a care product.

Read about Miscanthus x giganteus as a natural resource.


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