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Workshops in Kleinmühl and Lafnitz

In the summertime we organised drumming workshops in Kleinmühl near Weitra in Lower- Austria. The workshops was lead by guest teachers or by Norbert Schmid.

In this year we will renew one of the halls in building 3 of the old textile factory in the N.I.C. We will build up there a music studio for small concerts, sessions and workshops.
Guem will visite us and also give a djembe- workshop there. After the date is fixed you will find details at Termine.

We offer drumming workshops in schools, youth centers, as part of education seminars for companies and at festivals, organised also by the Asociation KUBILE . We invite you to book workshops at your home place, we come with the instruments to your place , the count of participators is to agree with us, more than 6 are required.

In January 2010 a drum build workshop in the BORG Birkfeld were held by Norbert Schmid.

During four days the pupils of the BORG Birkfeld built up excellent djembe drums under advisement from Norbert Schmid . The event was accompaned by theoretic considerations and discussions. The society of percussion instruments, their social meaning, lifestyle, environment aspects, descriptions of the Musical Society of West Afrika and a feedback study was part of the event.

According to the effort we offer a workshop alone or together with high motivated
guest teachers and helpers.

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