Skin or cord broken? Body cracked or broken, wormy or other damages?

That does not scare me. I´ve made of any fragment of a jembe or other drum a good useful instrument.

Send me some photos, jpg, from above, from below, from side and from near the cords, usually already I can make an estimate, determine value and origin of the instrument.

Add to my well equiped workshop I will do repairs of jembes and bass drums with more than
16 years of experience professionally and in a timely manner.

I know that I do not have to be the fastest while the reputation, but I dedicate every piece of my attention and try to make the most out of the instrument.

If it has to be in a hurry once I can do that too, using drying chamber, thighting machine, ...

Skin change is done quickly, but work on the body need time, gluing must be cured, varnish, paints or oil should be dry.

Since I offer a rental service during time of repair we can give the thing also good while and let the coat to dry thouroughly.

After careful biasing and rest periods further thightened and tuned without overstretching the new skin.

One week is minimum, sometime are few pieces in queue, it may also be a little longer.

We also try to keep low the shipping through clever organizing.



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