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You find our instuments, lessons, and workshop at:


Vienna: Hempstone Jembes and didgeridoos:
Klangfarbe acoustics

Thomas Hiller:

Vienna: Drums and teaching:
Werner Haller

Vienna: Ghandharva Loka Wien

Lower Austria:
St Andrä/Wördern: drums workshop and lesson:
Dr. Karin Bindu

Oberösterreich, Drums and Didges:
Marco Höllhuber: Akala Gewürze

Salzburg Didgeridoos: Ghandharva Loka Salzburg



Tyrol: Bernd Dr-Idoo


Germany south: Franz & Sabine Richter

Germany Siegburg near Köln
Mad Matt´s Didgeridoos

We enjoy the well done cooperation with the young, very talented Designer Philipp Drexler from Karlsruhe.
Creative Interieur "antoni" and "mono" from Hempstone (syn. Zelfo)


Guitarmaker and designer Jakob Frank:

He makes wonderful nice accoutic guitars
in Germany, Pforzheim
with resonance body from Hempstone,
produced in our workshop.


Sweden: didgeridoo, drum: Christian Österberg





Traders and partners DrumParam is authorised trader of Schlagwerk-Percussion.
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