Gallery of Jembe, Sabar, Bougarabou, Doundoun and other drums.

Our African Jembes are from The Gambia.
For 16 Years we receive Jembes of high quality from a Gambian family
based on our fairtrade model by direct import.

The handcrafted instruments are in our Austrian workshop further refined or completly revised if needed
and pass the quality control of a high European standard.

In this workshop we also build drums from Hempstone R, read more about.

We support wherever possible the Gambian blunder which suply the Gambian drum builder
with raw carved drum bodies. They have to work under harsh conditions in the heat and get the lowest proportion of the drumbusiness, living and working in the bush.

In the gallery you will find a representative selection of our instruments and sound samples of it.
They comply with those standards as we recomend in "a good jembe should..." .
It is a cross section of our assortment and shows also particulary sucessful finished Instruments.
In our showroom are always about 30 different drums avaliable.

The legend of our gallery describes:
serial number, dimensions in cm weight in kg, materials, basstone level, pictures and sounds.

The pictures link to samples photos and description..

The shown instruments are samples, the actual assortment will be shown soon,
contuct us by email, phone for informations.

Page under construction 13.5.2020



Body wild mango tree, cow hide,

28x66 cm



Body smooth grindes and varnished

31x58 cm

Santang wood, very nice vein.

32x56 cm









Dj 2239A
Body carved with Baobab,
strong sound

35x68 cm




Wild Mango tree, Rinderfell,

29x71 cm



















































































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