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Didgeridoos from Hempstone R

Many musicians like our Didgeridoos. As you can see in some of their statements,
they are fascinated about the sound and the performance of Hempstone didgerodoos.

We produce the instruments in charges of about 40 pieces. First all molds are finished, news and tested ones, only then we start to produce the material and process it on the molds.

Every new charge is upgraded in quality of sound and design. Experience and know - how of the last production, new ideas from musicians, creative ideas of design, for example from Mag. Karin Bindu gives every new charge a higher level of professionality in sound and performance.

You will find description and fotos of our didgeridoos from Hempstone
in our didgeridoo-gallery.

Every instrument is documented, tested, has unmistakable serial number and a small message inside. Tis are thoughts or contents which are in our mind during work, ideas, messages which are in mind during working on the instrument.
This is part of the artwork.
The contents are documented and will be made accessible by time.

Hempstone R is made of hemp cellulose bound with water. No additives are necessary. This are the specific features of the material.
The binding is made by the chemical power of hydrogen bridge binding during drying process. The process needs a big surface of the fibres which is achieved
by long time grinding with water, as a pulp.

Hempstone gives us the possibilities to build didgeridoos with a special color of sound through the design of the measure (of the inner form).

More so, we work with a constant growing raw material from biomass, which only consists of hemp fiber bound with water, and when ecologically mixed presents, an optimal alternative to wood.

To build an inner form is a challenge to the physical and acoustic understanding of the vibrating air columns in wind instruments and allows us to realize unique sound qualities. This way we can build a multitude of didgeridoos, with different overtone and resonating performances. (i.e. scale of the over blow, singing, wobbling etc.)

Hempstone even allows us, through different processings of the fiber, to adjust and to change the tubes character of resonance.

You can test the results of our tireless research and improvements at our local showroom in Lafnitz, you can give us your reaction and you can buy the instrument!!

Please continue to visit this site as we continue to update. You will find the first photos here soon.

More details about the natural raw material made of hemp fiber you can find under: www.drumparam.at/hempstone_e.html

Richard Schiffer, artist, didgeridoo player and expert of the traditional scene is convinced of the quality of our tubes. He is offering council and techniques on a large scale.


About ecological facts:

In many articles you can read about the overexploitation in Australia on their search for useful tubes. We will not be able to stop this depletion through Hempstone, but we can offer a useful alternative and supplement to the rising demand on the grounds of ecology.

We still hold our greatest respect to the art of the Australian craftsmen of didgeridoos, who are searching with great care and respect for nature their fist class tubes. The peoples of Australia have to solve their own problems with predatory cultivation. This is desirable and we would like to support them within our possibilities.


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