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Hempstone R (Brandname for Zelfo made of Hemp) Is produced purely of Hemp fibre without additives, glue or synthetic adhesive agents.

Hempstone R is as hard as stone even though it´s purely made of pulp.
The brilliance of this Austrian invention (patent) is that the wet ground hemp fibre
is made to a strong sturdy material purely through the addition of water.

In our way of production it´s dyed with non-toxic pigments.

We are expecting Djembe drummers and didgeridoo players to be aware living individuals who care about nature and oppose the ruthless exploitation of it.
Some importers tell us the real Jembe is made from Lenke wood
(Lingue, Afzelia african), Iroko, Kambala, and so on.

The following link leads to www.raubbau.info for more information on the threat to the above mentioned types of trees.
Some suppliers speak of plantation woods.
Food for thought:
When were the plantations planted as it takes a mahagony tree 150 years and more in order to aquire the correct girth which is needed to make a Djembe.
The Djembe industry is booming since about 30 years.

And what was growing there before the plantation, should it exist at all?
There´s not much difference with the didgeridoos.
There are plenty of reoccurring reports about extensive deforestation for the winning of didgeridoo wood. The aborigines have always harvested in tune with nature that means they waited until the didge was naturally hallowed before harvesting instead of clearing large areas.

Interview in the forum renewable resources.

How much wood (precious tropical wood) is wasted while building a 8kg Djembe
from an about 80kg heavy tree trunk?

An average hemp Djembe weighs only 4kg!
4kg of hemp fibre grow on 4-8 square meters of a field, without adding any special chemicals, fertilizer or insecticides, every year!

It´s understandable that everyone wants an "original", under consideration of the mass exploitation of woods, a hemp didge or hemp drum is a special "original"!

Like synthetic yet natural. Hempstone comes from nature, Hempstone returns to nature, Hempstone is nature.

The allroundmusician,
producer and sound engineer,
developer of the Drumcircle model Dramorama
(an audiovisual animation method for big drum events)

Hannes Kelz

is thrilled about the flipped out Djembe models.

"They bring life and colour into the scene, they are extremely trendy and they have a great sound".


   Prototype Mablo

Prototype Fatu

Prototype Mablo

Prototype Jembe from 2003

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Why Hempstone R ?
Djemben, Didgeridoos and other instruments made of Hempstone have countless advantages:

Apart from its ecological characteristics, Hempstone is extremely robust, these instruments are absolutely free of cracks, very light and supply incomparable performance, artfully constructed with a colourful design, and still made purely of natural components.

Our extensive long term experience with percussions allows us to create instruments of the highest quality with optimal resonance parameters.

The instruments can bring a lot less weight to the scale, without suffering a loss of resonance (ca. 4kg Djembe, ca.1.5 Didgeridoos) and are creatively versatile designable.

The diapason (acoustic form) of the instruments lets itself be exactly designed and consequently can be optimised at wish.

Additionally we can adjust the acoustic characteristics of the material. Hempstone timbre is modifiable- from wooden to metallic-ceramic, depending on the materials mixture (degree of grinding).

Hempstone is ideal for the production of rounded and hallowed bodies, monolithically made of one piece, in form and figure freely designable.

Zelfo R , Hempstone R is the universally used term for the patented material.
Hempstone is Zelfo made of hemp fibre. Hempstone is made of pure hemp fibre (Celesa, Bafa) free from additives, glue or synthetic adhesive agents, dyed with non-toxic pigments.

Why do we use hemp fibre for Hempstone R ?

Hemp is a very precious, frugal, efficient and because of that an environment-friendly ancient cultural plant. No pesticides or herbicides are needed for its growth (as it is in nature a weed). It has been in use by humanity in many different ways for thousands of years.

In the 19-thirties it was bedevilled under the excuse of being a drug (diverse studies have shown it to be less harmful than alcohol which is legal) but mainly because of economic political reasons and even the usage or ownership of products made of the plant, s.a. fibre, oil, etc. was forbidden and severely punishable. And still is in many countries.

During the colonization of America through the Europeans every landowner, under threat of punishment, was obligated to plant hemp in the "New world", as it was expensive and complicated to import the fibre bales for sails and ropes from Europe.

The history of hemp is exciting and a perfect example for the ecopolitical propaganda, and the technical, scientifical wrong turns of the human culture.

We hope that our work is a little contribution to rehabilitate this valuable plant and to ecologically help to relieve our earth of poisons and toxics in the near future.


The abuse of the drug in our modern industrial society is still the engine
to judge the plant as dangerous,
even though only a few of its family contain the drug Cannabinole, which contains THC.
Since a few years some Industrial countries allow to plant some species
with low THC content under supervision.

Hempstone: "You take fibrous plants (hemp, straw, flax)
beat them to a mush and form whatever you please- i.e. the body of a jembe"
( quote: Helmut Santler)

"Experience shows that Hempstone is made of a hemp fiber mush,
a material of small shrinking masses".
(Quote: Erika Rihs-Nesweda)

"High energised molecules perform strongly to one" (Quote: Erika Rihs-Nesweda)

"Cellulose material made of plant cells a universal substance,
nutrient of the flora, which is the main source for food and energy in the animal kingdom,
and therefore also the human world, shows it´s long hidden potential,
when mixed in it´s smallest form with water with the help of so called hydrogen bridge bond
and without other additives, then dried, will make a solid raw material". (Norbert Schmid)


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