Sales gallery of jembes and other percussions from Hempstone R.

In the gallery you find jembes with a body made from the natural material Hempstone R.
The material consists of wet processed Hempfibre without any other additionals than nontoxic pigments.

More than 20 years research and experience in drum making and acoustics
allow us to produce instruments in this high end quality.

The surface and shape design, calculations to realize optimal sound design
allow a strong oscillating bass tone. The extrem stable and well adapted head and tuning system
with natural african goat skin allows a high and stable tuning, to differ slap and open as well.

The instruments from Hempstone are light, the material of the body is full resistant against insects,
although it is a hundred percent natural material,
it can never get cracks and has an acoustic behaivor as hard wood.

The production of the body contains a kind of art work act
in the way of implemention of an associative content
comming into my mind during design, like a "message" inside the material

this and the documented features as serial number, etc., gives every piece an individual character.

Some inlays of stones, fossils, fruit stones impacts or else for decoration are possible and give
some of the instruments a special art design..

This drums are registrated and documented by serial number and produced exclusively in Austria, Lafnitz .
Every Instrument is unique in its appearance and is under suspicio to become an high value collector's piece in future.

You can order the drums by contacting us, emaling or phone.
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Jembe Dj068Hpcz

Measure: 34x62 cm

Body: Hempstone R
Design: brown,
sparkled, brushed

Cord: black
Skin: african
natural goatskin

Weight 4,5 kg

Description: model Fatu
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Euro 756.-
incl 20% turnover tax


Jembe Dj073Hpcz

Measure: 34x62 cm

Body: Hempstone R
handmade marbled
(applied with spatula)
yellow red black brown

Cord: black
Skin: african
natural goatskin

Weight 4,4 kg

Description: model Mablo
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for more information

Euro 780.-
incl 20% turnover tax


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